The Xorn IV Lunar System

The Xorn system consists of only five planets.  The first planet was once a near-sun gas giant, but its atmosphere was blown away long ago and now all that remains is a huge, hot, semi-molten core.  Xorn II and III are small, irradiated near-dwarf planets.  Xorn V is a large Ice Giant in the outer solar system which lazily collects comets throughout its 20-standard-year orbit cycle. None of these planets harbor life and are largely unremarkable worlds.

Xorn IV, on the other hand, is quite the opposite.  It is a huge gas giant sitting comfortably within the natural habitable zone of the system  The planet boasts several notable elements in abundance in its atmosphere which supports a bustling gas industry.  Additionally, the planet is mother to four major moons.

The nearest, Peleon, is a small, iron-rich (and largely atmosphere-free) moon which suffers from frequent tidal stresses from its parent, making it dangerous yet profitable for mining operations.

Xorn IV's second world is Flayrah.  It is roughly 1.12 Earths and is lush with life.  Flayrah is still well on its way to becoming a principal world in the region with many cities and a strong manufacturing base.  The world does produce its own food and water, but the major duties of feeding the hungry mouths of the region fall upon Ophocti.

Farther out, Ophocti is free of most gravitational stresses Xorn IV causes its satellites.  This is actually a detriment to the small-sized world as it's own magnetic field is rather weak and it's too far from Xorn IV to receive much protection.  The radiation levels on Ophocti are a bit higher than the average human is capable of withstanding for any extended period.  The world's vegetation is quite hearty, though. The world is almost entirely covered by oceans and the hearty kelp forests of Ophocti are harvested and processed around the clock in order to feed nearby systems which long ago lost the ability to produce food.

On the outer reaches of Xorn IV, the tiny, airless world of Haedra wanders.  It is accompanied at this distance by other, tiny moons which were once asteroids or comets, but got caught in Xorn IV's gravitational grip.  These moons, and Haedra itself, are mined for their mostly unremarkable, but highly accessible ores.

See the Resource Allocation page for abstract maps of these worlds.

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