Each territory is represented by a square on the map.  Each square is marked with both Terrain and Resource features.

Terrain Features

Although the campaign will feature cinematic terrain from time to time, chosen by the GM and the scenario chosen.  Many Territories will have multiple Terrain Features.  This list of terrain is not exhaustive.  You are, of course, limited only by tour imagination.

  • Arctic - hills and thematic terrain features... be creative
  • Broken Surface - craters, ridgelines, sometimes very thematic elements
  • City - buildings, ruins, barricades, tank traps, walls, barbed wire
  • Facility - zone mortalis
  • Industrial - buildings, industrial machinery
  • Mountain - lots of hills and ridgelines
  • Plains - avoid hills
  • Woods - a lot of trees, shrubbery, deadfalls, perhaps some water features

Resource Features

Most Territories will also feature Resources which will affect your ability to field certain army lists.

  • Fuel
  • Minerals
  • Recruitment
  • Sustenance
  • Technology

Resources with a circle around them are limited Resources and may only be claimed once until replenished by the GM.

Combat Features

Each Territory has a Defense Value.  This determines how difficult it is for an enemy to capture that Territory.  A Territory may also have other, more specific features (such as terrain) which you will want to use in your games.


Each Warlord must declare one Territory to be their Main HQ.  This HQ generates eight additional Recruitment Resources.

Additionally forces which are trapped behind enemy lines by holding territory which has no supply line to their Main HQ will designate one Territory as their Field Base.  Any Resources gained through battles or Resource Allocation are sent there instead.