Fighting Battles

You may play any kind of game you'd like during the Xorn IV War Campaign.   Certain types of games are used to accomplish certain goals.

No matter what kind of games you'll be playing, all players who show up to the gaming event roll a die with ties rolling off between each other.  The player with the highest die roll chooses to attack first. The player may take into account not only the tactical superiority of his target, but also what kinds of games the available opponents are looking for.  Most of the time, they will choose a Territory to attack which borders one of their own Territories.

In order to send a "list" into a territory to attack, they must spend Resources in order to do so and a supply line must be drawn to that Territory in order to send those Resources.  In this way, most of the time, Territories which are trapped behind enemy lines will not be able to launch offensives at all.

The defender does not need to spend Resources on their defense.

Players are encouraged not to make a meta-game out of this challenge process.  Do not deflect an opponent by saying "I'm only looking for a game of Apocalypse" just to get out of having your Territory attacked.  This is bad form.

Attacking Behind Enemy Lines

You may attack a Territory which does not border one of your own, but it comes at a great price.  This dangerous kind of insertion can cause a great deal of damage as you drop your units into the midst of enemy forces.

Before the roll to seize the initiative has been made, your opponent will have the ability to destroy a random Combined Unit which is either deployed or in reserve.  If they have Air Superiority, they may destroy an additional unit.  If they have Space Superiority over that Territory, they destroy a third unit. If you have more than ten Combined Units,

The definition of a "Combined Unit" means the unit will include any transport they are in or HQ which is attached to them.  For example, a 5-man Tactical Squad in a Drop Pod with a Librarian attached is a single Combined Unit.

Warhammer 40,000 Games 1000-2500 Points

In these games, you may choose to attack any enemy Territory that borders one of your own Territories.  Bordering is defined as a flat side touching a flat side.  You may not attack corner to corner.

Each Territory has a Defense Value.  Whenever you win a battle, you increase your Attack Value in that Territory increases by the number of point value of the game you played.  If your Attack Value exceeds the Defense Value, you push all enemies out of that Territory and re-set the Territory's Attack Values to zero.

Your Attack Value in a Territory persists until you either win the Territory or are pushed out yourself.  If an enemy wins the battle, your Attack Value is reduced by a number equal to the game's point value.  If your Attack Value is reduced to zero or less, you are pushed out.

For example, if you play a 1500-point game over a Territory with a Defense Value of 3000 and win, that Territory still has a Defense Value of 3000, but your Attack Value in that Territory increases to 1500.  The next time you attack that Territory, you play a 2000 point game and win.  You now own that territory and all Attack Values on that Territory are reduced to zero, even if another faction had some claim to it.

Remember, contested Territories generate different Resources in their Stipend.  See the Gathering Resources page for more details.

Resource Rewards Rules are forthcoming.  In general, the attacker will gain resources by claiming objectives and destroying units, and the defender can as well, but only if they win the game.

Warhammer 40,000 Games of Less than 1000 Points

These games are fought just like the larger point games, but only Resources gained through the battle are allocated.  No Attack Value is generated.

Resource Rewards Rules are forthcoming.

Combat Patrol

As with the small games of Warhammer 40,000, you only gain Resources through combat. If you'd like to, instead, play a series of Combat Patrol games with your opponent (best 2 out of 3 or best 3 out of 5), you can make it count for a 1500 or a 2000 Attack Value respectively.

Resource Rewards Rules are forthcoming.

Zone Mortalis

In general, these games are treated like Warhammer 40,000 games of less than 1000 points, unless the Territory is a Facility.  In this case, any game of Zone Mortalis counts towards the Attack Value to claim that Facility.

Resource Rewards Rules are forthcoming.

Battlefleet Gothic

Games of Battlefleet Gothic may be played to gain Space Superiority.  Each zone of Space Superiority has an Attack Value of 2500.

Resource Rewards Rules are forthcoming.


These are massive, costly games.  They should be reserved for battles to take Hive Cities or other valuable Territories.  The points value of a game of Apocalypse must be, at a minimum, equal to the Defense Value of the Territory being fought over.  This requirement is enforced regardless of any Attack Value currently assigned to the Territory.

Resource Rewards Rules are forthcoming.