Campaign Turn

The Xorn IV War Campaign will be fought in Campaign Turns.  The length of these Turns will be determined by the GM.  You can expect to play multiple games in a Campaign Turn.

Phase 1:  Negotiation and Role-Playing
Trade and negotiation between factions is highly encouraged, although a trade route or space superiority may be required to make trades or meetings happen.

Phase 2: Fleet Movements
Every faction rolls off. In order from highest to lowest roll, factions may move their fleets to different regions of Space Superiority.  See the page on Air and Space Superiority for more information.

Phase 3:  Building
You may ask the GM to do certain things that are beyond the scope of the rules. For example, you wish to set up an earth wall and clear-cut all of the woods around one of the cities in one of your Territories. There's no real rules for that in Stronghold Assault, but the GM will certainly allow you to spend Resources to do it.  There is no scope to your imagination except, of course, your own available Resources.

Phase 4:  Combat
Play games as detailed in the "Fighting Battles" page.

Phase 5:  Allocate Resources
Resources are collected from territories as described on the "Gathering Resources" page.  Also, any Resources gained from battles may also be collected as per the rules on the "Fighting Battles" page. You may also move your Headqurters to another location along your Supply Lines during this phase.