Building Lists

You are not required to have set lists, though it might be a good idea to have 400, 500, 1000, 1500, 1850, and 2000 point lists handy for whatever kind of game people are looking for.  Non-experimental

Forge World units are allowed.

Escalation is allowed, except the points value of a Lord of War may not exceed 35% of your army's total cost.

Stronghold Assault is allowed except for the Aquilla Strongpoint.  Fortification with a Void Shield must be deployed at least 18" from another Fortification with a Void Shield.  Also, the 12" radius of a Void shield shall be measured from the center of the model rather than the hull.

Talk to your opponent.  While almost all of the most crazy Escalation units are impossible to field, it is possible to have a D weapon on some of the units at the 500 to 600 point level.  If they are certain they won't have a fun game with such a beast on the field, please be courteous and replace it with something else.


The Independent Tournament FAQ shall supplement the regular GW FAQs.  For any other questions, please make an effort to adjudicate disputes on the side of cinematic credibility.


Any of the rules may change at any time to facilitate fairness and the story.