Air and Space Superiority

A great deal relies upon more than just the movement of ground forces.  Below you'll find rules for including the important and oft-overlooked air and space assets for the forces involved in the Xorn IV War.

Air Superiority

A faction controls Air Superiority of any Zone which is within two zones of a city they control or within four zones of a Hive City which they control.  Note that you may not count zones diagonally, so counting one up and one over of a City would only put one Zone diagonally in Air Superiority and two zones diagonally for a Hive City.  Attackers may not normally use flyers in Zones which have opposing air superiority.

Note that it is also possible for zones of Air Superiority to overlap.  Note that, in these instances, Air Superiority is contested and both players may use flyers.  The same goes for Zones with no Air Superiority.

You and your opponent may choose to play an Air War mission from the Death From the Skies supplement in order to suppress Air Superiority during an assault.  Note that it is entirely possible for an enemy to have Air Superiority over a Zone which you control... a terrifying prospect, I know!

It's also possible to challenge an opponent to an Air War mission to claim Air Superiority in a zone where there is no Air Superiority or Air Superiority is contested.

For simplicity's sake, there are no Resources expended for Air War missions.

Space Superiority

Each faction begins the campaign with two fleets.   Each fleet starts out the following statistics:

Strength: 3
Defense: 3
Agility: 4
Capacity: 10

A fleet's Resources Traded or Supplied may not exceed its Capacity rating. 

When a fleet controls Space Superiority, they are able to bring in rare goods through interstellar trade. In all cases, Resources are allocated using normal Supply Lines.  They may also, instead, choose to attack an enemy.

In Phase 1, each individual fleet must be directed to do one of four things:

  • Trade/Ship
  • Supply/Ship
  • Reinforcements
  • Attack

Trade:  You may remove one fleet from the board for this turn in order to take on goods from the Zones which it touches in the Negotiation Phase of the Campaign Turn. The Warlord must allocate these Resources.  For every three Resources traded, the fleet will return with one Resource of the Warlord's choice in the Allocate Resources phase.

Supply:  You may remove one fleet from the board for this turn in order to ask your superiors for supplies and will receive 1d3+4 Resources in the Allocate Resources phase.  The nature of these resources is each determined randomly (see the Gathering Resources page).

Ship:  Whenever you either Trade or Supply, you may also Ship Resources from your Main HQ to another port as long as the fleet is either over your HQ or there is no Space Superiority being held by an enemy over your Main HQ.  These Resources may no longer be used in the game, but they will forever be counted towards your faction's Campaign Score.

Reinforcements:  The fleet immediately increases one of its stats, or one of the stats of another fleet, by 1, player's choice.

The fleet may, instead, call for a new fleet with the following stats: Str 1, Defense 2, Agility 4, Capacity 4.  This new fleet waits in the wings, just outside the system.  It may not call in Resources, attack, or be attacked until its Str and Defense have been increased to 3 each.  At this time, it may be moved into a position of Space Superiority.

Attack:  A fleet may fight a Battlefleet Gothic game of 1500 points or greater in order to force an enemy fleet out of their Space Superiority zone.  If they are successful, the attacking fleet takes over the defender's zone and the defender must choose a different zone to occupy.  In either case, the losing player may not receive the fruits of any Trade or Supply this Campaign Turn. A game of Battlefleet Gothic of 750 points may also be played to Interdict supplies.  In this case, the attacker gets the defending fleet's interstellar trade Resources in the Allocate Resources phase.

Also note that fleet losses in the campaign will be possible.  For every skirmish lost by the attacker, randomly reduce one of its stats by 1.  For every battle of 1500 points or more, reduce the losing fleet's Strength, Defense, or Agility by 1 (determined randomly) and their Capacity by 1.  A fleet which has a zero in any stat is destroyed.

Strange Games

Many players do not wish to or do not have the resources to play either Air War missions or Battlefleet Gothic.  This isn't exactly fair for players who do and wish to play them.

For Air War missions, players should pick a proxy game to play to determine the outcome of the battle rather than not playing the battle at all. This could be something as simple as a die roll or a best of three Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock to a game of Magic: the Gathering or Tekken. It doesn't matter, as long as the victor is rewarded for their moxie.

For games of Battlefleet Gothic, the attacking player rolls their Strength in dice and the defending player rolls their Defense in dice against a target number.  The player with the most die rolls meeting or beating the target number (the player with the most "successes") wins the game.  The target number for the player with the most

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