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The Fight for Keehar Hive

For months a stalemate has plagued the campaigns on Xorn IV's second moon, Flayrah. Of course, the Orks hold the third and fourth moon while Chaos has pushed out all Imperial resistance on the first. The space above Xorn IV has become dangerously littered with debris and Ork raiding vessels. As such, materiel support is sporadic for detachments which are trapped on Flayrah.

The Imperium, however, has kept one region in their control since the beginning of the conflict: Keehar Hive. The Island Continent boasts a mountainous terrain covered entirely by the hive itself. The hive boasts powerful Void Shields to protect it from any bombardment and also hull-cracking orbital guns which allow Imperial vessels to park in low orbit to deliver goods. No other region on Flayrah boasts such a secure position and every faction involved in the conflict covets it.

The Factions

The Imperium:  The forces of the Imperium still consist of several splinter detachments of Space Marines backed up by the remaining bulk of the Xorn 233rd Regiment. The faction suffers from a lack in a singular voice of command which the Black Templars had originally held. Since their presence has reduced significantly, the Imperium has largely retreated from most territories except Keehar Hive. Cryptic messages from deep space have reached the Hive, however, promising a descent of angels.

The Tidebringer Enclave: The Tau and Orks continue to fight together on the Imperial front, but there have been several generations of Ork on the southern regions of Flayrah and on the other moons. Many Ork tribes in these regions don't even recall or acknowledge the original agreements involved. The Tau want to capture the Hive, but they're most interested in the activities of the Necrons.

The Guardians of S'val:  Entombed in the boreal marches of northern Flayrah are the remains of the ancient C'tan who the Necrontyr once called S'val. Like the rest of the C'tan, S'val had been stripped of its power by the Necrons aeons ago, but a portion of the C'tan's power has been locked away here in the Pakeshi Sector since then.  In recent years, the guardians had been roused by the awakening of their charge.  After the C'tan had caused considerable destruction among the world's new biological inhabitants, the surviving Crypteks of the Guardians of S'val were able to take control of the ancient being and lock it back into stasis.  The Tomb of S'val does not boast the same numbers as a true tombworld, but the thousands of Warriors which inhabit the sodden tombs beneath the world's northern reaches are enough to cause considerable hardship for the people of Xorn IV: Imperium, Ork, and Chaos alike.  Indeed, a few indecipherable Necron hyper-communications have been detected, all beamed directly towards several worlds in the sector with seemingly no response.  How long will it be before they receive a response?

The Darkstar Armada: The name of this faction of Chaos forces is largely superfluous at this point since Ahriman abandoned them here. Cultists and daemons still infest the southern continent, though the millions of acres scattered with Ork spores have forced the lines back a considerable distance. They also dominate mountainous continent east of Keehar Hive where, on the Imperial front, vicious Khornate traitor Astartes are leading raids against the Hive with plans of domination.

The Campaign

This season will feature a city-based campaign. Players are welcome to use any of the Cities of Death rules they desire with whatever modifications they'd like. They are also welcome to play any point size. We do have several strong recommendations:

  • Please try to use one of the involved factions:
    • The Imperium: any Forces of the Imperium 
    • The Tidebringer Enclave: Orks and Tau
    • The Guardians of S'val: Necrons
    • The Darkstar Armada: Any Chaos 
  • Games played against your own faction will not count
  • You may play multiple factions during the Campaign.
  • Use primarily ruins and buildings for terrain
    • Try to keep it dense
  • Please try to make your own Warlord using the generic characters instead of using named characters

The territory claiming portion of the campaign will be similar to the last campaign. The Imperium will start with the entirety of the Hive claimed except for a few beach-heads. These will belong to the attacking Factions. 

Attacking:  Please try to only attack factions which border your own. In the beginning, the Imperium should be fighting on multiple fronts. Indeed, in Phase 1, only non-Imperial Factions may attack. Players slotted for Attacking will be able to request opponents, but in a friendly manner. 

See the map below for an idea of what the island looks like. Please note that the darker areas represent dense urban terrain and it is requested that you use a true Cities of Death setup for fighting over these areas.

2000200050005000500020002000* 500020002000
2000200050005000* 800020002000200020002000
20002000500050005000** 80005000200020002000
500050008000*** 15000800050005000200020002000
50005000** 80008000** 80002000200020002000
2000200020005000200020002000500020005000* 8000500020002000
200050005000* 800020002000200020005000200020002000500020002000
2000500050002000200020008000* 800020002000200020002000

* = Orbital Defense Battery
** = Key Manufactorum
*** = Hive Center

Claiming squares: When you attack, do so from a flat edge to another flat edge. When you win after attacking, your points value is checked against the points level of the square. If you equal that value, you take that square.  If you have less than the square's value, your points value is added in contest of that square and you may have another go at it in a future game. If you more than that square's value, it may be added to any adjacent square. Continue in this manner until all of your points are used up.

Rout: If you defeat your opponent when you attack by double or more Victory Points, you score a rout and double your points value for taking squares.

Games:  You may use any book mission or Altar of War mission for your games in this campaign. The only real requirement is that, at the end, there must be a Victory Point total for determining whether the victory was a rout or not.

Alternate Mission Rules

While I may create special mission rules on a week by week basis, the ones below are always in effect:

Objectives:  Instead of using markers for objectives, you will select buildings or ruins as your objectives. Reduce the minimum distance between Objectives to 3". Units must occupy or be standing in or on them in order to claim or contest them. These Objectives will still be Mysterious in nature, but you will roll to see what kinds of Mysterious Objectives they are before deployment. Try to use any available battlefield debris at the store in order to represent them. The Relic is an exception to this rule; it is never a building or ruin.

Big Game Hunter:  We will use this mission instead of First Blood.


Attackers: Each attacking faction desires several key points in the hive, marked by a * in the square. The * nearest to your beach-head is your penultimate goal. Claiming this would be a minor campaign victory. Claiming a total of **** would be a moderate campaign victory. The ultimate goal is the Hive Center square. Claiming this square by itself would be a major campaign victory.

Defenders: For the Imperium, holding *** at the end would be a minor campaign victory. Holding ***** ** would be a moderate campaign victory. Holding  ***** **** would be a major campaign victory.

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