Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Resolve Untested

From their vantage point from orbit over Flayrah, the Imperial fleet spotted a flotilla of Ork vessels crossing the sea towards the Chaos-infested northern island continent of Ikah (recently dubbed "Daemon Isle"). Armed with this information, High Marshall Helbrecht ordered a strike on the northern half of the island.  Orks, he could deal with at a later date but the Chaos taint on Flayrah had to be exterminated.

With the Ultramarines engaged on two fronts in the West, it was left to the small contingent of Blood Ravens who had arrived recently to serve as garrison to Hive Keehaar.  Grimaldus wondered, not for the first time, what had drawn the mysterious chapter to the conflict unbidden.

The Orks swept across the Khorne-dominated southern regions (Orks Win) of the Island and also beat against the daemon-infested North (Ork/Nurgle tie). 

The Black Templar slammed into the Northern costal towns.  They were assisted by drop-pod and jump pack marines which crushed the Traitor Guard and Daemonhost which held the interior of the small continent (all three games Imperial wins).

Unfortunately, a small force of Slaaneshi raiders came out of nowhere on the outskirts of Keehaar Hive. The Blood Ravens (who were acting as part of the city's garrisson) answered the call of the local PDF. The fighting was fierce on those broken coastal plains, but the Blood Ravens were were forced to give up ground to the attackers and retreated into the Hive proper. 

It isn't much of a beach-head for the Forces of Chaos and their Captain believes they are after a very specific objective; likely within one of the multitudinous Scriptorums in that district.

By the end of the tumultuous wave of attacks, the forces of Chaos have been beaten back on the small, war-scarred continent.

Most odd of all, however, is the fact that Ahriman and his host are nowhere to be found. Helbrecht is certain that the Nurgle and Khorne forces had been placed as decoys to facilitate the Chaos warlord's escape, where is not certain.  What is certain, however, is that they have not seen the last of him.  

As their forces clean up the remainder of the Nurgle infestation to the north, Helbrecht turns his gaze to the south... to the Orks and, beyond, the bulk of the Chaos warhost.

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