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Daemon Isle

Of the world of Flayrah's sources of key ores, the northern island continent was one of its most important, producing rich deposits of materials necessary for the war effort in the area.  Production ground to a halt when the Darkstar Armada landed one of their massive transports in the midst of the operation and offloaded their legions.

Although the settlements and Xorn Guard had been holding the shoreline at great cost, the mountainous interior of the island continent had been overrun since the beginning of the war.  Strange goings-on were been reported from the depths of the ancient and thickly-wooded mountains.  Fell lights had not so much glowed among the mountains' knees, but oozed forth from whatever machinations the powers of Chaos were conjuring.

Several weeks ago, a small contingent of heroic Space Marines led by Chief Librarian Tigirius himself penetrated the enemy lines and struck at the heart of the mountain.  The hordes which were summoned forth from the mines-turned-warp-portals proved too much for even the valiant Ultramarines and they were extracted with haste.

The Adeptus Terra ordered the Imperium to hold their ground and await reinforcements.  When those reinforcements arrived two weeks later in the form of a Black Ship, the Imperial commanders were taken aback.  Several specially-trained psykers were issued to the war effort, psykers called Keymasters, who could seal rifts in the Warp.

A small contingent of Ultramarines and a Xorn Guard Veteran tank company served as the attack force's spearhead.  Their primary mission was to strike deep into enemy territory and destroy the summoning portals at all cost.  Of course, they met stiff resistance.  The enemy had bolstered itself with a wider array of Chaos forces including Plague Marines and Khorne Berzerkers.  Oddly enough, the Tzeench forces which had been the Imperium's main foil were nowhere to be seen...

Oddly-clad gray cultists defend the south flank of the Chaos main position.

The Star Eagles commit several squads of 8th Company marines with Bolters shoved into their hands. They are unceremoniously thrown into the maw of the Plague Tower.

Also inexplicably thrust into this conflict, the Blood Angels make planetfall for the first time.  Their initial target is a soot-spewing Forgefiend.

Plaguebearers gather around the Primaris Portal along with other Chaos units in the hopes of summoning forth a truly massive Daemon of great power and renown.

The Great Unclean One shuffles through the wilderness in search of victims.

Although a hungry Bloodthirster is rampaging through their lines, the Imperium is holding its own on the north flank.

Another Bloodthirster finds itself the victim (and the doom) of a squad of brave Vanguard Veterans.

The Air Cavalry arrive on the scene, ripping into the enemy on the South flank, carving a Land raider into slag and turning cultists into a fine, red mist.

The forces of Chaos begin to gather more bodies 'round the Primaris Portal, but not enough to summon a powerful Daemon.

The Plague Tower remorselessly eliminates unit after unit of Star Eagles and Ultramarines.

A contingent of III Company Star Eagles have commandeered one of the X Co's Stormravens in order to deliver a psyker to the Primaris Portal.  The flying tank weathers a fusillade of fire as it begins its landing protocols.

The North Flank is a constant stream of Khorne units rampaging through tanks and flesh alike.  The forces of Nurgle hold their ground near the Primaris Portal.

Suddenly, in a wavering light, from out of the portal steps the misshapen form of a man.  He is nearly unrecognizable to those who knew him, but he swings a large object out into the cluster of Chaos Marines and it explodes in a flash of light.

And although the brave Warp traveller has destroyed many enemies, he, himself explodes, birthing a unit of Plague Bearers and some Nurglings!

The Star Eagles call forth reinforcements which have been hidden behind a nearby mountain and the Black Knight of Ellohamm strides onto the battlefield.  The heroic knight distracts the Plague Tower just long enough for the Star Eagles and the Ultramarines to eliminate the Primaris Portal with their psykers and dust off.  Sadly, the ancient titan is obliterated and its undaunted, yet doomed, pilot is killed.

Although the Imperium did, by the end, eliminate two major portals, a few minor portals, and the primaris portal, it was barely worth the price paid.  Many warriors fell that day, some of them irreplaceable Astartes.  Even with many of their portals destroyed, the forces of Chaos were able to push the Imperium back and chased them into the sea like a Bull with a Unicorn.

The Island Continent was theirs.

Victory Points
Chaos: 44
Imperium: 36

Scenario: Battle for the Ikah Mountains

The forces of Chaos have been growing their power quickly on Flayrah’s small, Northern island-continent. Warp Portals have been calling forth cackling Daemons throughout the mountains which dominate the continent’s central region.

Unwilling to allow this power to grow unchecked, the forces of the Imperium abandon the Ork front on Ophocti in favor of throwing whatever resources they have available at this threat. In addition, as the forces of the Imperium close in on the fel powers led by the one and only Ahriman, the Star Eagles are ordered by the Adeptus Terra to take part in the engagement with as much force as can be mustered. The combined might of elements from two different Chapters along with the Imperial Guard shall hammer at the defenses of their foes for as long as it takes to shake them free.

Additionally, an ominous Black Ship has been dispatched to the system with a payload of psykers who have been especially trained to seal rifts in the Warp.

The Armies

This battle is designed for a major conflict between the Imperium and Chaos during the Xorn IV War. Each player uses a self-contained army list, each one receiving their own Warlord. Each army only benefits from their own abilities and Warlord Traits. Players are encouraged to bring 1000-1500 point lists.

The Battlefield

This battle takes place in the Ikah Mountains with mainly hill terrain as well as some forests and mining equipment. For every two players, a 4’ x 4’ board shall be used. On each board shall be placed 3 Minor Portals and 1 Major Portal. One Primaris Portal shall be placed in the midst of the center of the Chaos deployment zone.

Portals and terrain shall be placed narratively before the game by the Game Master.

Any models’ abilities affecting the game on a global scale instead affect only the half of the board on which the majority of the model(s) are occupying. If they have abilities generated by the army as a whole, they only affect the half of the board on which the majority of the army’s models are deployed.
Psychic Powers are also generated and shared by the combined armies of each side separately on each half of board. For example, if an Ultramarines player and an Astra Militarum player are in the same half of the board facing off against a Tzeench player, then a single die is rolled for the half and the Ultramarines player and the Astra Militarum player pool their Warp Charge resources. You may only Deny the Witch on Powers manifested on your section of the battle with the exception that you may attempt to Deny the Witch on a power which is targeting you regardless of which part of the board it originates from.


A modified Dawn of War deployment will be used for this Scenario with a central 4’x4’ board restricted to the deployment of Chaos forces only.

Imperial Objectives

The mission of the forces of the Imperium is to destroy the Portals in the Ikah Mountains. For each Minor Portal, the Imperium receives 3 Victory Points. For each Major Portal, the Imperium receives 5 Victory Points. Additionally, for each Chaos unit destroyed, receive 1 Victory Point. If the Primaris Portal is destroyed, the Imperium receives 10 Victory Points

The Imperium also receives 1 Victory Point for each unit which scores Linebreaker.

Chaos Objectives

The goal of the forces of Chaos is to repel the Imperium for as long as it takes. For each Minor Portal which remains intact by the end of the game, the Forces of Chaos receive 3 Victory Points. For each Major Portal which remains, the Forces of Chaos receive 7 Victory Points. Additionally, for each Imperial unit destroyed, receive 1 Victory Point. If a Daemon Lord is summoned, Chaos receives 10 Victory Points.

The Forces of Chaos receive 1 Victory Point for each Warlord they destroy.

Imperial Reinforcements

Throughout the game, drop pods full of Star Eagles from the VIII Company shall streak from the heavens to engage the enemy. Many of these Assault Marines have actually been issued Bolters rather than their usual wargear. At the beginning of every turn, roll a dice. On a 1-3, no Star Eagles appear. On a 4-5, a single Drop Pod appears. On a 6, two Drop Pods appear.

Chaos Reinforcements

Throughout the game, at the start of the Chaos turn, the Forces of Chaos may regenerate any destroyed unit of Daemons on a 3+ through one of the Minor Portals. Additionally, they may regenerate any destroyed Daemon Prince through one of the Major Portals on a 3+. Also, at the beginning of every Chaos turn, roll a dice for each Major Portal. On a 5+, an unmarked Daemon Prince with Wings (and no other upgrades) may spawn from the portal. Daemons capable of flight may exit the portal in Swooping mode, but they must do so logically, in the direction the portal is facing.

Additionally, the Forces of Chaos may summon a Daemon Lord from the Primaris Portal. On each turn, roll a dice. Add a bonus for the turn number; for example, a +2 if it is turn 2. Add a bonus for each Chaos Unit totaling greater than 9 models within 4” of the Primaris Portal. If an 14 is rolled, a Greater Daemon is summoned.

Destroying a Portal

The Forces of the Imperium will be issued three Keymaster Psykers per player. These are treated as a single Level 1 Wyrdvane Psyker with only one Psychic power: Seal Portal. Seal Portal is a Witchfire power which automatically hits and has a range of 12”. Minor and Major Portals are not entitled to a Deny the Witch roll better than 6+, though the Primaris Portal has a natural Deny the Witch of 5+.

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