Monday, May 12, 2014

Imperium Destroyed in Southern Flayrah and Thwarted on Ophocti

Although the turnout was light this week, the battles were no less fierce.  We had two campaign games, one involving the final cleansing of the tattered remains of the Imperial Guard in the polar South of Flayrah and another over one of the Tidebringer Enclave's principal cities on the ocean world of Ophocti.

Second Assault on Fishgutz

Location:  Flayrah J9
Game:  Custom scenario with special rules allowing the defender to hide units in area terrain.  Also, all area terrain were objectives which could only be scored or contested if your entire scoring unit occupied it.
Deployment:  Hammer & Anvil
Attacker:  Darwin with Black Templar
Defender:  Francis with Tau and Orks
Result:  Tidebringer Enclave TBD (victor), Darkstar Armada TBD

The Orks have become quite dug in on the world of Ophocti.  The entire world is overrun with greenskins and for good reason.  The enslaved population can crank out tons of food by the hour to fuel the hungry Ork war effort.  While the Black Templar were able to break through the outer defenses on the beaches outside the city, they met strong resistance within the city itself, facing not only the Orks but also a rapid response from the Tidebringer Enclave's Riptide cadre.

Although the Black Templar Astartes were able to smash the outer ring of Ork defenders and penetrate behind the enemy lines, they eventually thinned to the point where it was all the remaining Templar could do to drag their wounded to a safe extraction point.

Fishgutz has proved quite a tough nut to crack indeed!

Cleansing of the Polar Springs

Location:  Flayrah G10 and G11
Game:  Custom scenario with each 2' square being a scoring area where any unit may score or contest with Scoring Units counting double.  Scoring a 2' square scored 3 VP while kill points scored 1 VP each.  Additionally, we tried out a smoke/mist terrain feature.
Deployment:  Hammer & Anvil
Attacker:  James with CSM and Chaos Daemons of Tzeench
Defender:  Phil with Astra Militarum
Result:  Darkstar Armada 37, Imperium 1

All of the remaining forces of the Imperium in Flayrah's southern polar region fell back to the defensible hot springs of Flayrah where fortifications had been erected decades ago.  Without the Shards of Power out on the Tundra, no other location in the region held tactical significance.

Enraged at having lost these potent sources of power, Ahriman ordered his men to eradicate the remaining Xorn Guard troops down to a man.  From out of the mists obscuring the churning hot springs came the cleansing flame of Tzeench.  The only consolation for the dug-in Imperial troops was the fact that they died in a warm and beautiful paradise... an oasis deep within an arctic wasteland.

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