Tuesday, April 15, 2014

War is Sparked

The skirmishes have finally settled and full scale war has been engaged.  The Orks and Tau fight on two fronts as they are beset upon by the Emperor's mightiest warriors, the Space Marines.  Meanwhile, in the southern polar region of Flayrah, the forces of Chaos fall upon the Imperial Guard Garrison there.

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We had a great time last night playing some exciting campaign games.  I've opened up the floodgates for the players to start fighting for actual territory.  However, I still desperately need to work on Character rules.

There is a temporary page where you can view the Resource Allocation and digital map.  Be sure to check it out.

Battle for Thlayli Hilltop

Players:  Mike vs. Francis
Armies:  Ultramarines vs Orks/Tau
Game Size:  1850
Mission:  King of the Hill
Deployment:  Hammer & Anvil
Target Territory:  Flayrah D-04
Result:  Imperium 3, Tidebringer Enclave 4

In this game, the Ultramarines are attempting to gain as much ground as possible and cut the Orks off from their resources on Flayrah's northwest continent.  The Tau are able to pinpoint the Space Marines' advance and send a fast-moving group of Speed Freaks to meet them at Thlayli Hilltop near the middle of that territory.

I explained to Mike and Francis that the area they were fighting in was a hilly farmland.  They took that idea and ran with it, quickly developing their own scenario where the goal was to take the central hill which they'd constructed.  This is exactly what this kind of gaming is all about and I hope to see more stuff like this by our players.  Really awesome to see.

The Ice Forests of Hlessi'un

Players:  James vs. Phil
Armies:  Tzeench CSM/Daemons vs. Krieg
Game Size:  2500 points?
Mission:  Purge the Alien
Deployment:  Hammer & Anvil
Target Territory:  Flayrah G-11
Result:  Darkstar Armada 7, Imperium 3

When James chose to battle the Imperium on that faction's few holdings on that continent, (and the farthest reaches of that continent to boot), I was excited.  The southern polar region of Flayrah holds an unknown secret which has brought both the Tidebringer Enclave and the Darkstar Armada to the system.  It's surprising that the strange power source has been found so soon as I did not expect anyone to do battle on this territory so early in the campaign.  If Chaos can push the Imperium off the territory, they will gain an early advantage!  Of course, the Tidebringer Enclave remains ignorant of this information.  The Imperium has been very secretive of this unknown power as well, relying on the sturdy Death Corps of Krieg to guard it without question and without fear.

For this battle, we used the store's new winter terrain boards along with our smattering of winter terrain. I have a feeling we're going to need this a lot in the near future!  Perhaps I'll bring some extra stuff along with me next week.

In this game, James brought along an Imperial Knight he'd just won at Adepticon to use with his Chaos forces.  Phil brought his Stormsword to tackle the Baneblade!

Unfortunately due to an illness in the family, Phil had to pick up and leave before the game was over. We did our best to extrapolate the game as best we could.

The Shores of East Ophocti

Players:  Darwin vs Adam
Armies:  Black Templars vs Orks
Game Size:  2500 points
Mission:  The Crusade
Deployment:  Dawn of War
Target Territory:  Ophocti  E-4
Result:  Imperium 1, Tidebringer Enclave 8

Darwin's Space Marines, trapped behind enemy lines on the moon of Ophocti, chose to attack the Orks' port city which they've dubbed "Fishgutz".  Four ancient Land Raiders were dispatched across the ocean floor.  One Land Raider was fitted with a trailer housing a bike squad.  When they landed, they, of course, met heavy resistance...

A passing patrol of Orks notices the Land Raiders emerge from the sea.

The bikes are deployed from the Land Raider's discarded trailer and zoom out of the surf.

The Battlewagons zoom forward as the Orks are hungry for a fight!

A Zzapgun shot grazes the Land Raider, but it is unfazed!  The Black Templars rush to meet the Orks!  Luckily, only one Battlewagon is lost to Melta and Assault Cannon fire.

The Orks oblige...

...on both flanks.

The Dakkajets scream in with their sights set on the Bike squad.

The Lootaz disembark and the weight of fire along with a successful assault destroy the bikes along with their Captain.

Mad Doc and his Burna Boyz carve into a Land Raider with their mighty Power Klaws, causing it to explode.

They make quick work of that squad after surviving a fusillade from the remaining Land Raiders and marines.

The Burna Boyz move in on the approaching Marines.

The Megaboss regroups, but is in a tight spot!

Burnas do their job.

After a quick assault, Mad Doc and the Burnas consolidate once again towards the single Marine on the beach.

The Dakkajets zoom in for another strafing run.

The remaining Boyz who've been slogging from their destroyed Battlewagon all game make it into assault with Helbrecht.  They put the final wound on him, though he'd been skirting death for quite some time!  The mighty warrior is left for dead, though he manages to drag himself away into the sea when he gains consciousness later.

The Marine gets in one of the two remaining Land Raiders, but Mad Doc's squad assaults it and blows it up.

Although the Dakkajets scream towards the remaining marine, Mad Doc waves it off.... this one's HIS.

The Burnas' cutting torches prove too much for the remaining marine, though the imagery of the lone warrior fighting off so many Orks in the crashing surf is enough to spark our imaginations!
The Meganobz, though they lose a member, make quick work of the remaining Terminator.

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