Friday, April 25, 2014

Facility Assault and Tundra Battle

Tidebringer Enclave Assaults Hurlgrease

Location:  Flayrah J9
Game:  The Scouring
Deployment:  Vanguard Strike
Attacker:  Adam with Ork Battlewagons
Defender:  Charissa with Daemon FMC
Result:  Tidebringer Enclave 2, Darkstar Armada 9

Hurlgrease is an ore and fuel processing city in the east edge of the southern continent on Flayrah.

Mad Doc's Battlewagon assault force smashes through the city towards his foes with wild abandon.

Fateweaver's Daeomons place themselves between the Orks and the heart of the Chaos defenses deeper within the city.

The Orks notice the number of massive Daemons in the distance and they are cautious, skirting around the area and spraying Dakka into their foes.

The Daemons advance!

The Orks, not to be held at bay for long, make their assault.

The danger, of course, is still quite real.

Even the Lootaz, along with Warboss Grimblitz in his Mega-Armor, throw themselves into assault.

Mad Doc and his Boyz launch themselves at the Horrors holding the back objective.

A great deal of both Daemon and Ork blood are spilled.

Although one Daemon Prince is lost, many Orks are slain and Warboss Grimblitz is unceremoniously turned into a Spawn.

Mad Doc hurls himself fearlessly at another Daemon Prince.

And chops it into bits (or probably chunks).

From the warp, a gibbering, slobbering group of daemons appears quite suddenly.

The Daemon counter-assault begins as an avalanche down a mountain.

Unit after unit falls before the remaining Daemons, unable to pour enough bullets or gun-butts into the slobbering monstrosities.

The end is nigh for the Orks, but the Shoota Boyz hang on for a great long time, refusing to be killed outright.

In the end, however, it's not enough.  The day is won for Chaos!

The South Pole Battle Continues

Location:  Flayrah G11
Game:  Seize Ground Ambush
Deployment:  Vanguard Strike
Attacker:  Darwin with Black Templars
Defender:  James with Chaos Space Marines and a Knight Titan
Result:  Imperium 2, Darkstar Armada 14

Although the forces know not what the strange power signature in this zone is or where, specifically, it is coming from, they fight tooth and nail to find out!

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