Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Blood on Flayrah!

Flayrah is the prime world of Xorn IV... the crowning jewel of the system.  


We dice off which of us are the attackers and which are the defenders.  The forces of the Darkstar Armada (James and Phil's Chaos Marines and Dark Eldar) attack the holdings of the Tidebringer Enclave (Francis's and Adam's Orks with Tau and Orks).

Cookies are not enough to sway the Orks or Tau to the dark side!  Have at you!

I decided we could use an archaeotech artifact for this mission (because Campaign and why the heck not!) and we rolled the Degenerative Terraforming Node. I liked the idea of a wilderness in the middle of the city gone mad, so we filled the building with trees and shrubs. To make the game a bit more interesting, I also ruled that whoever had the most points in units within 6" of the building (taking dangerous terrain checks all the while) after each turn would get an extra Resource. Besides, this was a great way to explain why we'd forgotten to put down the "grimdark" tabletop... everything is overgrown!

We asked Dan to set up a "legit city" for us to fight in.  He put a lot of buildings down.... a lot of buildings... but we're game!

The Game

Somewhere in a choked neighborhood deep within an a city held by the Tidebringer Enclave and their Ork allies, the forces of Chaos assault the Greenskins and their masters, the Tau. Although the Tau and Orks have all but overrun the moon of Ophocti, they have but a small foothold on Flayrah, Xorn IV's prime world.  This is their only city and it is perched precariously on the Southern shore of Flayrah's Northeast continent.  It must be defended no matter the cost.

Ork Kommandos report back to the masters of this city, a group of Big Meks who have learned to work together and wrangle resources to produce wondrous devices.  The Kommandos speak of an invading force of Chaos Marines and Dark Eldar skimming across the ocean and blasting their way through the shoreline defenses.

Two of the many Big Meks in the city bring their meanest inventions, the warp cannons known colloquially as Shokk Attack Guns.
This region of the city held a treasure that the Mekboyz just couldn't resist tinkering with... a long-forgotten terraforming node.  Several weeks ago, Mekboy Grorkbuzz tried amping the power output of this artifact and the thing went crazy.  The building became completely overgrown in minutes.  Now, crawling, grasping plants off all dangerous variety reach out for any nearby unfortunate passers-by.  If only it weren't so dangerous... there are many treasures which lie within the destroyed warehouse.  Some say Grokbuzz is still in there... somewhere.  

The forces of Tzeench arrive on the scene and Ahriman himself makes an early first appearance.  Can this be?  It must be some kind of trick!

The Orks are soon joined by the Tau commander and the Tidebringer Enclave's prized Riptide battlesuit.
The Orks are legion, but the Tau are so few.  This force actually represents a fairly sizable portion of all the Tau which are on-world.

The Orks advance after a turn of light shooting from their foes.

A handful of Chaos Marines die to the surprisingly accurate Shokk Attack Guns!

Ahriman's men, fearful of nothing, least of which a bunch of overgrown plants, reach in and begin hauling out resources by the armload.

KACHOW!  Warp rifts rend Chaos battle lines.  The hellish thunder echoes across the overgrown neighborhood.

Ahriman and his men are unfazed and continue to pillage the warehouse.

The Orks advance... as they do.  A few Boyz are lost to the grasping, intelligent plant life in the Warehouse. 

Some Nobz boost out of their transport and assault a group of Wyches who've been assisting the Chaos Marines in the pillaging of the Warehouse through the grasping, thorny terrain.

Sadly, though they cause great harm to the Wyches, their craven hearts told them to flee and the Wyches cut them down.

The Chaos Marines rip into the advancing Boyz, but there are so many...

The Grot-manned Quadgun claim yet another victim!

A Tzeench Heldrake sweeps over the battlefield, burning Orks into charred paste.

Several Dark Eldar units make a run at the Shoota Boyz on the Orks' right flank.

Why are they beating us???  They ain't even got any paint on! [I forgot to tell eveyrone that painted models will have Favored Enemy against unpainted models in this campaign!  I'll be sure to relay that soon!  That's not a knock on Phil... he has a lot of painted models.  These just happen not to be.]

Things are looking quite sparse down-range.

The Gretchin swing their Quadgun and Zzapgun [the Killa Kan is a proxy for Zzapgun artillery... left that foam at home on accident]

A molten blast of warp death lances into the sky from the Zzapgun and bisects the Heldrake with ease, sending it crashing into the ground. [Didn't even need to use an ammo runt!]

The Orks make for the few remaining Chaos Marines.
Ahriman falls to Tau Deepstiking plasma fire!  His body disappears in a puff of smoke and dreams.
Sadly, one of the Big Meks pushes the absolute wrong button on his Shokk Attack Gun and he along with several Gretchin are sucked into the Warp.  Will they ever be seen again?  Was it truly an accident or did the Big Mek have a sudden spark of insight and decided to follow Ahriman to wherever he went?  Only time will tell!
In the end, the Tidebringer Enclave wins the day, but the Dark Eldar are able to make off with giant armfuls of Resources which they promptly load into their Raiders which they'd hidden nearby in case they needed a quick getaway.

The Orks also pick up a great deal of Resources not only from within the abandoned ruins and the Warehouse, but their fallen enemies


Dice rolled at random.org.

Tidebringer Enclave Resources Claimed

2 Recruitment
2 Sustenance
4 Technology
1 Minerals

Darkstar Armada Resources Claimed

1 Sustenance
2 Minerals
1 Recruitment

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