Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Escalating Skirmishes

As the fighting continues throughout the system, all three factions continue to vie for resources while their enemies desparately try to build up their defenses.  These battles are mere fights of opportunity... smash and grab missions.

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I was not able to stay at the store for long this week, but I got everyone set up for skirmish games on the moons of Xorn IV.  As such, the descriptions for the battles will not be even close to true battle reports, but will suit us for a bit of a glimpse into the fun.

We want to welcome our buddy, Dan into the campaign and into the hobby.  He's building a Nurgle army out of some Grey Knights and Chaos Space Marines he got off eBay.  There are some cool models  and neat ideas in there which I think will be a great addition to the campaign.

Trench Bombardment

Players:  Mike vs. Phil
Armies:  Ultramarines vs Traitor Krieg
Game:  Unknown points, Emperor's Will
Result:  Unknown

I love being able to use the Trench board in these narrative games and so does Phil.  He loves pushing his Krieg into the slaughter on this board.  It's also nice to cut loose with some Forge World armies.

Smash & Grab

Players:  Dan vs. Adam
Armies:  Nurgle CSM vs. Orks
Game:  400 points, The Scouring
Result:  4 Resources for the Darkstar Armada and 2 Resources for the Tidebringer Enclave

This was Dan's first game with his own 40k models!  Woo!  He did a great job cleaning up against the Orks!

Demolition of the Abandoned Neighborhood

Players:  James vs. Darwin
Armies:  Tzeench CSM vs. Black Templars
Game:  2000 points, Big Guns Never Tire
Result:  21 Resources for the Imperium and 5 Resources for the Darkstar Armada

For this mission, we played with some special rules.  Both sides had booby-trapped the neighborhood with the Imperial player able to detonate buildings on command and the Chaos player detonating a random building after turn 4.  Also, due to the close-quarters nature of the terrain, the exploding buildings were more deadly, blowing out to 1d6+6" and dealing str 5 hits instead.


Players:  Dan vs. Francis
Armies:  Nurgle CSM vs. Orks
Game:  400 points, Purge the Alien
Result:  4 Resources for the Darkstar Armada and 2 Resources for the Tidebringer Enclave

Dan won both his first and his second game?  Uh oh.  Have we created a monster?

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  1. I dunno about creating a Monster... Though Papa Nurgle did Bless me with a 24-hour 101 Degree Fever immediately after my 2nd game. No joke!

    Nurgle is love. Nurgle is life.