Monday, March 10, 2014

An Outbreak of Skirmishes

The Xorn IV lunar system is a cacophony of haphazard warfare as opponents scramble for resources. Very little in the way of actual organized assault has arisen from this conflict, but small engagements have been quite frequent indeed.

I started by setting up some narrative terrain on our three main tables.  We used the trench board on one end; I made a Mechanicum Fuel Depot on the other end, and an 8' section in the middle with lots of ancient ruins and woods.  I had some non-standard terrain rules for some of the boards.   I added three un-dilapidated bastions on the trench board for the players to use.   I also added a weird portal to the middle board which the players could use to deepstrike anywhere on the table.  On the Fuel Depot, all of the objectives would generate Fuel resources and there would be fuel pipelines for the players to use to give their Templates the Torrent special rule.

Smash & Grab

This is a new mission which I was testing out today.  For each unit killed, you roll a die.  On a 5+, your side receives a random Resource for the campaign. If the unit is worth more than 100 points, the roll is a 4+.  If the unit is worth more than 150 points, the roll is a 3+.  If the unit is worth more than 200 points, the roll is a 2+.  A unit worth more than 250 points automatically gives you a Resource.


Orks vs Iron Hands
Game:  Combat Patrol with 6 booby-trapped objectives
Result:  2 Resources for the Imperium

Justin from Poukeepsie came all the way up to Grimfoe to have some games with us.  It's really great to have someone come from so far just to hang out with us, so we tried to show him a good time.

This first game was cool.  We decided to roll for all the Mysterious Terrain before-hand as that made more sense to us.  We also used the half of the table with the Portal on it.  This had the effect of reminding me to be a little more cautious in Combat Patrol because it's easy to lose stuff very quickly. The Orks truly learned their lesson for going so deep behind enemy lines with so few bodies and so little maneuverability.  At the end of the day, of course, the Space Marines completely cleared out the green menace.

Space Marines vs Dark Eldar with Tzeench Meddling
Game:  500+500 vs 1000 team game with the new Smash & Grab mission
Result:  3 Resources for the Imperium and 2 Resources for Chaos

Curtis with his Salamanders and Darwin with his Black Templars found themselves harried and cornered by a mobile contingent of Phil's Dark Eldar.  Molten darkness tore into the Space Marines with ease.  All seemed lost until Tzeench's touch was felt by the Dark Eldar.  Charissa brought her Daemon Prince to bear against the Dark Eldar, punishing them for their failure and cowardice in their previous battle!  After slogging through many vehicles and Elf flesh, the Daemon was finally felled by focused Darklance fire.

The Space Marines were taken aback to say the least at this unlikely savior.  They began to hear voices in their heads telling them that their Emperor had forsaken them.  Their only hope was to join with Tzeench to defeat their foes.  The Space Marine Librarian and the remaining Black Templars were able to fend off this temptation, but unfortunately, the Black Templars' Techmarine succumbed to the siren call.

He exploded into the form of a Daemon Prince himself, completely overtaken by the creature from the Warp, summoned partially with the blood of the Eldar, but also through his own weak desires. Charissa once again threw her Daemon Prince into the fray allowing the Space Marines to win the day.... but at what price.

In its next game and until it dies once again, Colin the Daemon Prince shall have the Bolster special rule as he has access to some of the Techmarine's former memories.

In his next game and until he dies, the Librarian has the Aegis special rule.

Phil shall now play on the side of the Imperium.

Additonal notes:  The Daemon Prince was granted 5 additional wounds using Pink Horrors as counters. This was kind of neat and maybe useful again later.  The taint on the Space marines was rolled randomly each turn they were assisted by the Daemon.  The first unit to total 12 was turned into a Daemon Prince themselves.  I probably would have the units with 12 or greater make Leadership tests before changing next time.

Tzeench Daemons vs Ultramarines
Game:  Combat Patrol with deepstriking Objectives
Result:  2 Fuel Resources for the Darkstar Armada

I'm not sure what so many Space Marine Chapters are doing in the Xorn system, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the suspension of disbelief.

James and Mike wanted to test out their Combat Patrol lists and the rules for this game type before Adepticon, so we decided not to use the Torrent flamer rules of the terrain.  From the sound of things they had a pretty fun, but also very one-sided game which ended with Tzeench as the victor.

Orks vs Iron Hands
Game:  925+925 vs 1850 Team Game using the new Smash & Grab mission
Result:  Tidebringer Enclave 6 Resources, Imperium 5 Resources

Francis and I had a fun game with Justin and his Space Marines. Boy, is that Chapter Master on the Bike a beast!  We really had very little which could hurt him no matter how many Boyz we threw into the meat grinder.  Certainly, by the end of the battle, he rode off into the sunset absolutely glistening from head to toe in Ork blood!

This was also the inaugural mission for Francis's re-painted Battlewagon!  It's the purdy one on the left!  So rad!

Francis's new Battlewagon is the only one to survive the Chapter Master's Orbital Bombardment!

Thanks to all the players for coming to the store for games.  We hope to keep growing and telling more stories together.

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